Ballerina painting dance art – Cloudbusting


Ballerina Painting. Dance art of ballet and movement with a flowing dress by artist Kent Paulette. This original acrylic painting on canvas is of a woman dancing.  The ballerina’s dance is graceful and elegant.  She is wearing a magenta and pink dress.  The title of this ballet art is Cloudbusting.

Paulette describes his process for this painting of a ballerina, “The big earthquake happened as I was working on this painting in my studio! I could feel the painting shaking but it took me a bit to figure out what was happening.”

“I mixed all the colors in this ballet dance painting by starting with just the 3 primary colors and white. I mix them together at different ratios along with magic creek water.  I painted her dress using magenta paint mixed with creek water. Then on top of that, I painted white mixed with creek water on the transparent parts of her dress where there’s just a single layer of fabric.”

Artist Kent Paulette painted this original dance art in August 2020.  The title Cloudbusting was inspired by the song by Kate Bush.  This ballet painting featuring a ballerina’s elegance was also inspired by the New York Dance Project, a.k.a. the NYC Dance Project.

Comments about this ballerina painting posted on social media:
Phyllis Dixon wrote, “Stunning! So beautiful and captures her grace.”

Patricia Ann Shore wrote, “Simply amazing I feel her freedom!”

L.e. Palmer wrote, “Beauty in motion!”

Anne Spencer wrote, “You captured her elegance in every angle.”

Ann Johnson wrote, “The colors are stunning!”

Fuschia Sky Moss wrote, “The movement is captured perfectly.”

Page Parsons wrote, “… the beauty, feel the emotion, see the movement.”

Casey Allen wrote, “I love her upper body strength!”

Irene Veneziano wrote, “Beautiful.. captures dance!”

Linda Seavey wrote, “From a distance, it looks like a beautiful magenta flower. Pretty cool.”

Susan Rouillier wrote, “I can always tell it is your painting before I see your name. They are wonderful.”

Cynthia Hobson wrote, “Absolutely stunning for sure a favorite of mine.”

Julie Smith wrote, “Breathtaking!”

De Kensinger wrote, “Gorgeous painting.”


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