Rolling Stones paintings of musicians

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Careful line work and extreme attention to proportions makes this Rolling Stones painting a true representation of the band. In the painting, the five band members, each wearing tinted glasses, stare toward the viewer. Relaxed postures and subtle, self-assured smiles present the band with an air of confidence. From left to right is seen: Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and Ronnie Wood. Jagger, (fourth from left), stands out from his bandmates. His posture is even more relaxed than the others, and he exudes an even greater level of confidence than his comrades. The leather jacket he wears is accented with metal studs, and he leans to his right (left side of the canvas) in a manner that is “cool” and nonchalant. His lips and cheekbones—iconic features of his face—are represented perfectly, and white lettering reading “Rolling Stones ‘89” overlaid on the bottom right portion of the painting, mostly over Jagger’s jacket, gives the feel of a Rolling Stones poster. The use of more muted and less-saturated colors adds to the vintage feel, as if this painting was painted in the late 80’s and preserved as a priceless treasure.

4 reviews for Rolling Stones paintings of musicians

  1. Ali

    Captures the very essence of the stones. It should be hanging in a groovy restaurant out in Beverly Hills! I love it! The colors used are wonderful the mood of the picture causes me to hear the song “paint it black” in my head when I look at it. Lol

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Ali! I love that you hear Paint It Black when you look at this painting. I definitely listened to that song quite a few times as I was painting this.

  2. Kim

    We commissioned this painting and I can tell you that everyone that sees it is in complete awe! Thank you Kent!

    • Kent Paulette

      That’s great to hear Kim! I loved painting The Rolling Stones and listening to all their albums as I was in my studio.

  3. Lisa Pope

    Kent has once again created a masterpiece. The attention to detail is amazing. This painting makes me want to belt out the lyrics to ‘Start me Up’ and dance !

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Lisa! I love that song and I definitely listened to it as I was working on this large painting of The Rolling Stones.

  4. Anonymous

    I meant to do 5 stars!

    • Kent Paulette

      Thanks! I painted this original painting of The Rolling Stones in September 2017.

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