Through the Trees


Trees painting of tree trunks at sunrise with palette knife impasto texture by artist Kent Paulette.  The background of this original acrylic painting on canvas could also be a sunset sky or the color of fall leaves.  The trees in this landscape painting could be birch trees or aspen.  The sky is yellow, orange, and red.  The title of this fine art is Through the Trees.

Paulette says, “I started by painting the sky with my Creek Washes then I painted the thick texture. Since I painted the texture before the first layer of dark paint, it allowed the sun to shine Through the Trees.”

“I collected creek water from my backyard and added it to the paint to create those yellows, oranges, and reds in the background of this painting.”

K. Paulette painted this tree art in August 2020.

Comments about this painting of trees posted on social media:
Linda Seavey wrote, “Very abstract…and very beautiful! I like how you allowed the background colors to show through the trunks themselves. The trees are there, but so is the sun. They are both part of the beauty.”

Oris Weiner wrote, “Love it. Remind me of Aspens – my favorite tree.”


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