Fine art nude female figure – Sacred Time


In this sensual painting, a female nude is seen holding a yellow cloth over her shoulders.  Whether she is revealing herself, or beginning to conceal herself, it is left the viewer to decide.  Her hourglass figure is painted in shades of peach, pink, and rose.  The highlights on her breasts and hip draw the eye down her sculpted figure.  The placement of shadow vs. light on her skin is exquisitely rendered to illuminate her in her most enticing state.  Her gaze is soft, and she looks longingly over right shoulder toward the lower left of the canvas.  The painting is a snapshot of a very intimate moment.  The viewer is left to wonder what events preceded the snapshot, and what events will take place immediately following.  She is sexy and inviting, and despite the bold and opaque brushstrokes that make up much of her form, her skin appears soft and smooth.

The title of this fine art painting is Sacred Time.


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