Google Reviews about Kent Paulette

Kent is a spectacular artist, we have purchased many many pieces from his collection. We also commissioned him to paint a portrait of my Mother from a photograph. He did a wonderful job!! She's so beautiful and he brought her youthfulness to the canvas just like in the photo! The paintings I've attached are the commissioned painting of my Mother, the first painting we purchased and a very special floral!!! We also have 2 other paintings from Kent 🙂 I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for an amazing artist!

Shelley Lamar Avatar Shelley Lamar
January 17, 2019

I have admired Kent's work for many years. The piece I have is captivating and each visitor comments on the painting. Kent's work is kinetic yet soothing. A joy to behold with so much color, action, and presence in each piece he creates.

Doug James Avatar Doug James
January 15, 2020

I have seen Kent's work from his earliest days and am amazed at the work he has produced. His paintings come alive with color and texture and make one feel as if it's come to life. I look forward to seeing his future work and am glad to say he's a product of my hometown.

David Moser Avatar David Moser
January 15, 2020

Kent’s artwork is amazing. His style is truly unique. From nature to portraiture he captures his subjects essence.

Jeff9 Broome Avatar Jeff9 Broome
January 15, 2020

Kent is amazing!!! He does fantastic work!! I have many paintings of his around my home, they really make the walls pop!!

Ally Bailey Avatar Ally Bailey
January 15, 2020

I purchased Kent Paulette’s painting “Appalachia Rising” in 2018 for our new home in Texas. I first saw the painting hanging at the Chef’s Table in Banner Elk, NC. Kent had it bubble-wrapped & securely boxed up & shipped within the week. I love it!

Beverly Scales Avatar Beverly Scales
January 17, 2019

I recently commissioned Kent to paint a portrait as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. Kent was not only able to work with my budget, he exceeded my wildest expectations. I have watched him paint several pieces at Sorrento’s Bistro, and let me tell you his work is incredible. Kent was so kind, stopping his work to converse about various pieces I had questions about. If you want a one of a kind piece made with pure intention, Kent is your guy.

drew furlough Avatar drew furlough
September 9, 2019

One of the most brilliant artists I've ever encountered in person some of his paintings can be features in restaurants and in the art gallery in Banner Elk I am very pleased to say I have met a very talented artist who is unique in his talent

rigoberto Figueroa Avatar rigoberto Figueroa
January 15, 2020

I have watched Kent paint for years his paintings and style is exquisite. His paintings have a beautiful story behind each and everyone of them.I love how he uses nature to bring life to his paintings how he takes the water from the creeks and streams to mix his paint in.He is a master at what he does.kent is a amazing artist seen him paint first time in front of Barra in Banner Elk N.C. in front of fire pit.The glow from the fire lit kent and painting up it came to life.Kent is truely talented his art will always be in my heart I love you kent and your paintings thankyou for showing me your beautiful talent. Cynthia

Cynthia Hobson Avatar Cynthia Hobson
January 15, 2020

Though I am biased as Kent is my best friend I must say that he is one of the most uniquely inspiring and connected artists I know! He puts his emotions and soul into his paintings and even incorporates nature! Creek water forever! Not to mention his work is timeless and something you will never find in ANY other gallery! He can also make your dreams come true with amazing custom work that will melt your heart! I would know! Anyway, love you Kent! Continue to flow that beautiful energy and spirit and soul you have into masterpieces!

Hailey Schaefer Avatar Hailey Schaefer
February 25, 2019

I love Kent Paulette's work! The textures, the colors and the overall composition draws the eye into the glorious world of what's on that canvas. The painting that captured my eye was a gorgeous owl. I was sad to find it was sold but Kent was gracious enough to let me commission my own owl piece, which I was proud to see titled "Shelby's Owl" for a long while on his website. Later, I commissioned a painting of birch trees that I wanted in bright primary colors. He worked with me to ensure my masterpiece was perfect.

Shelby Aultman Avatar Shelby Aultman
January 20, 2019

Kent is a very talented artist! His artwork is excellent and creative. His usage of texture and the contrast of colors brings his artwork to life.

crystal j Avatar crystal j
January 15, 2020

I’m a big fan of the artwork of Kent Paulette. His work brings excitement to my salon everyday with the painting of Frank Sinatra. The colors and the texture make me feel as if “Blue Eyes” himself is right there in the salon with us! I look forward to my next Kent Paulette purchase. ~J Roberts J.Roberts Salons

January 15, 2019

I have know Kent since high school, his art work and they style he paints using nature in his work makes everything beautiful! The details of his work make each painting unique! I love watching his artwork come to life!!!

Michelle Smith Avatar Michelle Smith
January 15, 2019

I met Kent in October of 2018,an artist friend of my nephew,Brian.We lost Brian,also an artist, in July of 2017.It was wonderful for my sister to hear Kent’s stories of friendship between him and Brian.In addition to friendship and their art connection,Kent also is a gifted artist.Many of his paintings hang in an Italian restaurant,Sorrento’s,in Banner Elk,N.C. I love the one Kent did this fall of Janis Joplin.I have Brian’s Joplin painting proudly hanging in my home. Kent’s creative spirit shines through in his art and personality. My sister and I loved meeting him in Boone N.C.this past fall.

Kathleen Waters Avatar Kathleen Waters
January 15, 2020

some of the most talented real art for collecting and just enjoying I've seen available... a find... a catch...

Ed Crump Avatar Ed Crump
January 15, 2020

Kent Paulette is an exceedingly talented and skillful artist. The captivating painting of the horse he donated to us is evidence of this. Aside from possessing distinctive talent he is a generous soul. Thank you for helping us continue to help others. Leslie Cherry- Life Challenge Western North Carolina

Leslie Cherry Avatar Leslie Cherry
January 15, 2020

All you need to do to understand the quality of this young man's work is take a look at it: It speaks for itself. Anyone can see how beautiful this is and I challenge anyone to say that they would not love to have one of Kent's paintings hanging in a prominent spot in their life.

Thomas Payne Avatar Thomas Payne
January 24, 2019

Kent is such a talented artist. I see so many of his pieces in various venues around western NC, and his paintings are unmistakable in their style and beauty. I would love to own one of his pieces, but in the meantime I’m always happy to admire his work when I see it. I’ve known Kent since our high school art class, and he’s also such a kind and friendly person. It’s so nice to see his success and get to enjoy his work so many years later.

Katherine Pekman Avatar Katherine Pekman
February 25, 2019

Kent’s artwork is exceptional. I love his use of colors and textures. Each piece is unique. I especially enjoy his landscapes, animals, and portraits.

Julie Martin Avatar Julie Martin
January 15, 2020

Unique style and expressive colors capture the region. Paintings will harmonize with any decor and will become a family tradition in themselves. The viewer of Kent’s painting is treated to artists love, experiences,and adventures of creating a work of art.

Jerry Roldan. Aka L.Jerome Roldan Avatar Jerry Roldan. Aka L.Jerome Roldan
January 16, 2019

I have 5 of Kent’s paintings from different parts of his career. Each is unique and stunning

Brandy Nash Avatar Brandy Nash
September 9, 2019

Kent is an incredibly talented artist. Diverse in his mediums, he is able to capture and paint whatever you are looking for perfectly. His eye for detail and uncovering nature’s beauty is spot on. We had him paint something very specific and delivered it earlier than expected and well beyond our expectations. Kent is wonderful to work with and unlike any artist we have met.

Michel Koopman Avatar Michel Koopman
February 25, 2019

I have known Kent for several years now. Not only is he a caring, compassionate person, he is dedicated to his art. He puts his insight and emotion into each and every painting. His love of the outdoors is clear, as it is in his private life. And not to forget his human forms. His “action” beauties can be seen in various establishments. Thank you Kent for your contribution to make our world a more beautiful place. Your friend, Sandy T. Walker January 15, 2019 ❤️

Sandra Thiele Avatar Sandra Thiele
January 15, 2019

Kent has such great artistic sensibility. His voice is quite unique as he provides fresh, unique perspective on universal themes. He is also responsive and timely as a commissioned artist. As someone who has commissioned two different works from Kent, he eloquently captured the essence of my children when he painted them.

Matt Russ Avatar Matt Russ
February 25, 2019

I instantly fell in love with the vibrant colors and intricate shapes in Kent's paintings. I am so happy with my purchase. Kent's beautiful painting has brought so much incredible energy into my home and my life. Kent keeps you informed in every step of the process, all the way through delivery. I am really looking forward to adding another one of his paintings to my collection.

Timothy E Allen Avatar Timothy E Allen
May 17, 2019

A wonderful guy to talk to in general he really lives up to what it's like to live in the High Country also a great experience. Artist he never fails to show new techniques and innovative and creative ideas.

James Winters Avatar James Winters
September 9, 2019

Happened upon Kent Paulette’s work on a trip to Banner Elk, NC. Beautiful paintings with so much personality! Bluebirds are a favorite, so when I saw this small piece, I had to have it. Everyone at the studio in Banner Elk was so easy to work with. If you are in the area, I would highly recommend a visit!