Freddie Mercury painting Queen Bohemian Rhapsody


Painting of Freddie Mercury from the band Queen.  This exciting painting displays Freddie Mercury in all his glory. Feet wide, one hand on the microphone, one hand triumphantly in the air—a stance for a super star! The use of contrast in this painting makes Mercury pop. His bright yellow jacket and white jumpsuit accented by streaks of red draw him dramatically into center stage of this painting (pun intended). The technical line work and flawless proportions of the painting add a touch of realism to a style that is loose and abstract. Interesting vertical lines toward the bottom of the painting provide the unmistakable representation of shiny drums—their metal shining in the stage lighting. Stands and electrical cords run vertically and diagonally on the left side of the canvas displaying the chaotic perfection of the set. The viewer’s eye is drawn from Mercury, to his band member on the right side of the canvas, down to the shiny drums, and back upward to the highly saturated blocks of blue and purple that add pops of color to the otherwise dark abyss of the arena. All of the elements together create an electrifying painting that screams rock and roll!

Video of this Freddie Mercury painting in the sunshine:


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