Latin dance painting flamenco dancer


Here, a woman strikes a dramatic mid-dance pose. Her right arm twists upward to the left side of the canvas as her left upper arm extends to the top right. With a ninety-degree bend in her elbow, her left forearm reaches downward, and the movement from right arm to left arm creates a beautiful curve over the top of the canvas. Her head is tilted back, and she gazes upward to the right side of the canvas. Her deeply saturated turquoise dress, perhaps made of silk or satin, flows and billows as she dances, moving about her like a green whirlwind. Large brushstrokes of white, black, gold, and wine-red surround her, causing her dress to stand out even more. What song could she be dancing to? What style of music? Perhaps a lively salsa or a captivating merengue. Perhaps she has come to the climax of the dance when the music hits a crescendo and she takes her most theatrical pose. At this moment, onlookers clap and cheer her performance. She is a brilliant sight to behold.


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