My Heart is a Blue Ridge Mountain


My Heart is a Blue Ridge Mountain is an abstract landscape painting of the Appalachian Mountains in spring or summer by Boone, NC artist Kent Paulette.  The trees and hills in the foreground of this Blue Ridge Parkway painting are green.  The sky is blue with clouds and rays of sunlight.  Buy this modern art in small & large sizes on canvas.

This mountain painting is made of colorful geometric shapes that look like stained glass and Cubism.  The dynamic brushstrokes give this fine art a sense of movement and a bold energy.  The vibrant colors further bring the contemporary landscape to life.

High Country artist Kent Paulette painted this beautiful scene from nature which is located near Grandfather Mountain in June 2016.  He added natural elements from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where he lives when he painted this view of the outdoors.

Some shapes are angular and some are curvy which give this contemporary painting an organic, expressive feel.  The forest in this mountain range is peaceful and bright, yet there is also a lot of motion in the landscape.

K. Paulette describes his process for this abstract mountain art, “Each new subject matter I paint seems to push my style in a new direction.  On this painting, I was thinking a lot about the emotional qualities of the different types of brushstrokes I use and how they relate to the subject matter.  I got the title My Heart is a Blue Ridge Mountain from a Hurray For The Riff Raff song that I was listening to as I was working on the painting.  On Saturday I’ll be outside of the gallery listening to this song as I’m painting and doing my rain dance for some much-needed rain for these dry mountains.”

Artist Jerry Roldan from Mobile, Alabama saw this modern art and said, “Evokes your spirit of love of the mountains….powerful regional landscape.”


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