Horton Fire

Burned leaves falling from the sky…some scorched blue by the wildfire. Woke up to raining ash. The fire is close, just over the ridge & valley about 2 miles away from my home. We’re not in imminent danger here at Powder Horn Mountain & they’re optimistic that it won’t make it here. I’m so thankful for the firefighters working hard to protect these woods that I love. The blue skies from earlier this week are replaced with a thick smoke creating an eerie orange sunset glow in the middle of the day. I stick my face in the cold creek water & the shock brings me focus. The water is low but it’s our last barrier. I dance & chant for the rain. I chat with the wind asking it to stay calm. The beautiful orange leaves remain in the trees & on the ground. They continue to inspire even as the blue burnt leaves of danger fall from the sky. I reconcile the two & find peace. ‪#‎HortonFire‬

Blue Ridge Parkway at Linn Cove Viaduct in an abstract mountain landscape painting for sale with vibrant fall leaves and blue sky. Grandfather Mountain and Appalachian nature. Chroma Thrills modern art by Boone, NC artist Kent Paulette.

Chroma Thrills on the Blue Ridge Parkway by Kent Paulette


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