Galloping Sunlight – colorful abstract horse paintings

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Galloping Sunlight is an original abstract horse painting for sale by equestrian artist Kent Paulette. There are six brown and black wild horses running forward. Buy this modern art in small & large sizes on canvas. The stampede of horses are in earth tones with pops of color. The background sky is blue and purple.

This contemporary equestrian art is made up of colorful geometric shapes that look like stained glass. The powerful galloping horses are kicking up dirt and there is motion in the painting. The style of this fine art has elements of Cubism and Expressionism. The dynamic brushstrokes give this expressive horse painting movement and a bold energy.

The horses’ manes are blowing in the wind as they run. This painting of mustangs has vibrant colors that are bright and contrasting. The angular lines and organic shapes of this wildlife painting give the colts and ponies a modern look.  North Carolina artist Kent Paulette painted it in April 2015.

This abstract animal art is creative and people who go horseback riding love it. They can feel the power of these animals in the wild that are running free. Horses like this can be seen in nature, on a farm, or at horse racing events.

K. Paulette describes the brushstrokes he used on this horse art, “When I outline one of my Building Block brushstrokes I call the result a Window. Also I painted transparent colors on top of a white background. The white acts kinda like the sunshine and gives it that stained glass look.”

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1 review for Galloping Sunlight – colorful abstract horse paintings

  1. Miles Abernethy

    Stunning painting. Hope to have one soon!!

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Miles. I love painting horses running and trying to figure out how to capture their movement with my various types of brushstrokes.

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