The Story of ‘Galloping Sunlight’

by Kent Paulette

I painted Galloping Sunlight in April 2015 at my home studio soon after Conquest of the Irrational.  It was an exciting time when I was starting a new series of paintings at Powder Horn Mountain surrounded by nature.  Galloping Sunlight led directly into my next three paintings of Taylor Swift, James Bond, and Frank Sinatra.


When I outline one of my Building Block brushstrokes, I call the result a Window.  To create the Building Blocks, I painted transparent colors on top of a white background. The white acts kinda like the sunshine and gives Galloping Sunlight that stained glass look.

I also used the brushstrokes that I call Whispers when I painted Galloping Sunlight.  That’s when I whisper paint over the layers underneath without using additional water.  It leaves a trace of many tiny lines.


I love painting horses…their movement, their emotions, their strength, their grace and their wildness!  I also love the group dynamics of horses running together and how all their different personalities come out.

At the Gallery

One of my collectors, country superstar Eric Church, loved Galloping Sunlight when he saw it hanging at my gallery.

Preparing for the Painting

“A magical event happened yesterday in the Laurel Creek Mythology! Dan and I hiked to Sunny Bend, and we climbed to the top of the boulder where the Crawdad sacrifices take place. Every time I go there, I find Crawdad body parts stuffed into a little hole in the boulder or spread around inches away. I told Dan the story about how I think either a Kingfisher or a Great Blue Heron comes there to make the sacrifices. As we climbed down, Dan discovered a Magic Pool next to the boulder. In the Pool he saw the reflection of a bird flying by. As we looked up, we saw a Great Blue Heron landing high in a nearby tree!”

Kent Paulette (4/6/15)

“Just got back from another epic barefooted hike with Dan. This time we went way past the blue hole to the green hole then up the mountain to the Art of Living Center in Boone. The drive back to where we started in Deep Gap took 40 minutes!”

Kent Paulette (4/6/15)

“And so the story of the Cardinal and the Sycamore Slingshots is born. A new chapter in the Laurel Creek Mythology.”

Kent Paulette (4/3/15)

Painting Finds New Home

My original Galloping Sunlight  horse painting “galloped” 5 miles west to its new home when it was purchased by one of my collectors in September 2019. It hangs in the same home as Conquest of the Irrational. Their stories have been linked since the beginning. Next up, read The Story of Conquest of the Irrational and The Story of Daybreak Dance.

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