James Bond painting of Daniel Craig

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Painting of Daniel Craig by artist Kent Paulette.  Here, a beautifully stylized depiction of James Bond shows Bond staring outward, and slightly upward, toward the viewer. The upward gaze, along with the hint of a smile on Bond’s face, indicates that Bond knows something that the viewer doesn’t. He appears confident and poised. His left hand rests against his white dress shirt. It appears as if he could easily slip his hand inside his coat and retrieve something from the hidden breast pocket—a knife or a gadget perhaps. His suit, his bowtie, the French cuffs of his dress shirt, and the partially exposed luxury watch all display Bond as a man of importance. The stylistic approach in this painting adds other interesting elements. Bond’s skin tones are loaded with pops of color like sky blue, mint green, red, and orange. His dark coat matches the darkness of the blue background, but extra color in the coat causes it to stand out as a representational form against the background. The use of contrast makes Bond’s eyes and suit become the focal points. His piercing gaze is so fierce that it is almost unsettling. Bond is captured here in all his suave sophistication.

4 reviews for James Bond painting of Daniel Craig

  1. Connie Quinlivan

    Exquisite painting of Craig as James Bond! What art!!

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Connie! I’m glad you enjoyed seeing my painting of Daniel Craig as 007.

  2. Melaniereidmurphy@gmail.com

    Everything that Kent does is amazing 👏

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Melanie! I’m glad you enjoy my artwork.

  3. Jane Rawls

    Kent, you have captured Craig’s piercing blue eye stare! I love your own style- so much to see and see some more!!

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Jane! I love painting all those little geometric shapes and seeing the face of Daniel Craig slowly emerge on the canvas.

  4. Brent

    Love Kent’s paintings! This one is awesome!

    • Kent Paulette

      Thanks Brent! I had fun painting this James Bond artwork.

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