A Boat on the Beach


A Boat on the Beach is ocean landscape art by Kent Paulette.  It is of an orange boat sitting on white sand.  A green palm tree is blowing in the wind.  A blue sky with a couple white clouds is in the background along with teal water.  This seascape painting is very peaceful and tranquil like sitting on the beach on a sunny day.  Paulette painted it in September 2013 on a wood panel.

Kent Paulette says of this artwork, “It’s making me want to go to the ocean too. Riding waves brings out the similar spirit in me as when I go sledding. I’m like a fish… staying in the water all day long.”

Leslie Newton saw A Boat on the Beach and said, “I love this. You can feel the breeze.”

Angela Wilson’s reaction to this painting was,  “I can smell the salt air …”


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