Native American Indian painting – Visions


The title of this Native American painting is Visions.  An Indian chief, created with unique brushstrokes and geometric shapes gazes straight forward in this painting. Dark shadowy colors accented by bright geometric shapes comprise the right side of his face (left side of the canvas), and the left side of his face (right side of the canvas) appears to be illuminated by the midday sun. It’s that time of day when the sun sits at its highest, casting small but dark shadows underneath anything that stands in the way of its rays. Perhaps a hawk screeches overhead as the Indian chief gazes sternly onward. His countenance is harsh but wise, and the headdress that frames his head gives him the look of a warrior. The colors that cascade from his neck downward may imply the presence of a ritualistic garment strewn loosely over his shoulders. Under his furrowed brow, the sun’s shadows hide the details of his eyes, and the viewer is left to imagine how striking they would appear.

It’s the first painting that Kent Paulette painted at the beginning of the decade in January 2020.


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