Beach sunset painting – kids swimming water


In this painting, the glow of the golden hour sun begins to fade, and an orange sherbet sunset hangs above the ocean’s water.  Children play in the waters of the receding tide, only their dark silhouettes visible against the orange glow of the sun.  The brilliant colors of the sunset dance on the tops of the waves, and above the orange sunset the blue sky is adorned with purple clouds.  They, too, are reflected in the shimmering water, and the combination of colors creates an incredible display of beauty.  The painting, created with a mixture of loose yet bold brushstrokes, as well as carefully rendered figures, depicts a scene that lives in the memories of all those who visited the coast in their youth.  It’s a time when the mothers are yelling for their children to come in, but the water is warm, and the company is good.  The playful children are defiant enough to ignore their mothers for just a moment longer.



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