Bear cubs painting animal art – Adventure Buddies


The title of this painting of bear cubs is Adventure Buddies.  Who isn’t captivated by the cuteness of a bear cub?  This painting is alive with sweetness and delight in a way that makes the viewer want to sigh and say “awwww!”  Here, two cubs, one standing and one crouching, gaze with curiosity and trepidation.  They might be a brother and sister, or two brothers, or two sisters.  The front cub appears to be a bit more sure of herself, while her little brother hides behind her, peeking out with apprehension.  These two “adventure buddies” are navigating a big new world!  This painting is made with classic Paulette color schemes.  The cool blues and browns that make up the forms of the bears pop starkly against the deeply saturated reds and yellows of the background.  The added shapes, angles, and lines within the cubs’ fur offer more dimension and more to observe than what might be seen at first glance.



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