Bear painting animal art on canvas – In the Sunshine

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In this painting, a magnificently colored bear looks outward from canvas to viewer. Her fur is a rainbow of colors, with blue, red, and yellow taking center stage. The colors dance together to create a colorful spectacle in the form of this plump bear. To the left, sharp dabs of dark-colored paint set against the off-white background show the texture and density of her fur. In the background, the muted off-white is made interesting with plaster-like texture resembling the surface of rock—smooth in some places, but textured and rough in others. The bear’s brown eyes are glared by the midday light, and she appears amused and content.  The title of this painting is Bear in the Sunshine.

Video of this bear painting animal art on canvas:

1 review for Bear painting animal art on canvas – In the Sunshine

  1. Jill Williams

    This picture of the painting is beautiful, but it does not fully capture the fine details and brilliance of the colors. Typically, I am not a fan of paintings of bears and wildlife, but there is something special about the way K. Paulette paints these. Some magic happens.

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Jill! The Creek Water that I collected from Laurel Creek and mixed with the paint helped add that magic to this bear painting.

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