Bear painting mountains lake – Perfect Day


Painting of a bear and a mountain lake during sunrise or sunset with a reflection in the water.  This is an original acrylic painting on canvas of a black bear at Price Lake by artist Kent Paulette.  Its title is Perfect Day.

In terms of subject matter, sunsets and sunrises are certainly some of Paulette’s specialties. In this painting, Paulette takes a more muted approach to the color palette of the sunset, and the result is a beautifully soft and serene landscape. In the foreground, a young bear inquisitively gazes onward. With the use of white line work, Paulette has made the black of the bear’s fur stand out against the black of the mountains behind her. Above her, the peach sky with lilac clouds shines down toward the lake where the colors are reflected with soft brilliance. The dark trees to the left mirrored by the dark bear on the right create a vignette surrounding the glory of the reflected sky.

Artist Kent Paulette describes his process for this black bear painting, “Price Lake off the Blue Ridge Parkway was one of my inspirations for this painting. It’s one of my earliest childhood memories of a mountain lake and creek.  It’s located near Blowing Rock, Boone, and Grandfather Mountain.”

“I was sitting in the creek  in my back yard and decided to collect some magic creek water in a few plastic bags. Then I took it back it my studio and added the creek water to my paint for this bear painting.”

“I painted this using each of 3 primary colors plus white. I mixed them together at different ratios to get the colors in this bear painting.”

Artist Kent Paulette painted this original animal art in August 2020.  The title Perfect Day was inspired by the song by Lou Reed.

Comments about this bear painting posted on social media:
Amy Fincannon wrote, “This may be one of my new top 3 favorites. The colors and the expression on the bear’s face is amazing. It’s like he sees something and is very curious.”

Laura Sturgis wrote, “Love it!! Especially love the sun rising over the mountains.”

Leslie Laws wrote, “Wow. The facial expression. Love his eyes.”

Donna Wood wrote, “He looks so real !!”

Julie Smith wrote, “Such energy in your work!”

L.e. Palmer wrote, “Transcendently Beautiful.”

Mary Ann Coffey wrote, “I love his face…appears to be smiling!”



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