Wild Bear roaring animal painting


Roaring Bear painting.  This is an original acrylic painting on canvas of a black bear growling and showing its teeth.  This wild animal art is both realistic and abstract.  Artist K. Paulette painted this black bear with geometric shapes and thick texture using a palette knife and a brush in May 2020.  The title is Wild Bear.

In this painting, a large bear is seen roaring with passion and aggression. In the upper left quadrant of the painting, the bear’s face appears both wild and menacing—its mouth open to reveal a set of sharp teeth. Warm notes of brown and orange comprise its muzzle, and the warmth meets cooler tones where the muzzle joins the thick black fur of the bear’s face and body. Tones of black in the fur are overlaid with rich saturated colors in some areas. In other areas, swipes of white and blue are used to add representational glares and highlights. Those glares and highlights—along with thick white lines—are repeated over different portions of the bear to add interesting shapes which break up the form of the bear. All of this causes the eye of the viewer to move from the face of the bear, down to its neck and chest, and then to the left where a muted off-white background with swipes of palette knife texture adds an almost winter-like feel to the overall painting.

Video of this roaring bear painting in the sunshine:

Comments about this original bear art posted on social media:
Paulette Cloutier wrote, “Omg as one they call the Bear Whisperer that painting just spoke to my soul. Magnificent!”

Gary Sewell wrote, “I think this may be my fav bear painting. very nice!”

Paige Hunt wrote,  “That is awesome. Comes to life…”


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