Bear painting wildlife art – Wisdom



Bear painting wildlife art that is colorful. Artist Kent Paulette painted this original animal art in January 2021.  The black bear art is blue and the background is red, orange, and yellow.  The title of this animal painting is Bear Wisdom.

On the morning when I started this bear painting, I went down to the creek before sunrise in the dark and stepped in,” Paulette says.  “After dunking my face in the cold dark water, I collected a bucket of the magic creek water and mixed it with the paint when I got back to my studio and painted this wildlife art.”

“On this painting of a bear, I used a blue and red paint that I don’t usually use in addition to the three primary colors that I almost always paint with.  I used a large palette knife to paint the thick texture on this animal art.”

Video of this colorful bear painting in the sunshine:


Comments about this bear art posted on social media:
Pat Ipock wrote, “Amazing! Always love the eyes…so many different emotions expressed.”

Sandy Duncan wrote, “Gorgeous!”

Nancy Johnson wrote, “Love this painting of the bear, especially the eyes.”

Kellie Elliott wrote, “Wow! Beautiful!”

Connie McNeill wrote, “Those wise eyes…”

Kristi Dunn wrote, “Your bear paintings are my absolute favorites!”


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