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Bear painting wildlife art that is colorful. From the center of this painting, a large bear gazes directly at the viewer. Its chocolate brown eyes catch the glare of the sun, and it appears both weary and wise—as if it has become exhausted from the fall foraging, but it knows that a deep slumber lies ahead. Upon closer look, the bear even seems to have a subtle hint of a smile, perhaps portraying a sense of contentment and deep inner peace. The bear seems to know something that the viewer does not—the result of a life lived deep in the forests of Appalachia where even the locals have only seldomly ventured. The bright blues of the bear are accented by rich textures along the bridge of the nose and elsewhere in the fur. The blue bear pops away from the background which is painted in a gradient of reds, oranges and yellows.

Artist Kent Paulette painted this black bear art in January 2021.  The title of this original animal art is Bear Wisdom.

“On the morning when I started this animal painting, I went down to the creek before sunrise in the dark and stepped in,” Paulette says.  “After dunking my face in the cold dark water, I collected a bucket of the magic creek water and mixed it with the paint when I got back to my studio and painted this wildlife art.”

“On this painting of a bear, I used a blue and red paint that I don’t usually use in addition to the three primary colors that I almost always paint with.  I used a large palette knife to paint the thick texture on this animal art.”

Video of this colorful bear painting in the sunshine:

Comments about this bear art posted on social media:
Pat Ipock wrote, “Amazing! Always love the eyes…so many different emotions expressed.”

Sandy Duncan wrote, “Gorgeous!”

Nancy Johnson wrote, “Love this painting of the bear, especially the eyes.”

Kellie Elliott wrote, “Wow! Beautiful!”

Connie McNeill wrote, “Those wise eyes…”

Kristi Dunn wrote, “Your bear paintings are my absolute favorites!”

1 review for Bear painting wildlife art – Wisdom

  1. Tom Payne

    Imagine this shaggy “black” brute hanging above your fireplace, owning the room. This is another beautiful example of Kent Paulette’s talent and his unique vision.

    • Kent Paulette

      Thanks Tom! My art studio is located in the middle of the woods, and I love having black bears stop by for a visit to see what I’m up to.

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