Life in the Blue Ridge Mountain painting


Blue Ridge Mountain painting.  This colorful abstract art is an original acrylic painting on canvas of the Appalachian Mountains.  Artist K. Paulette painted this mountain art with geometric shapes and thick texture using a palette knife and a brush in November 2020.  The title is Life in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Video of this Blue Ridge Mountain painting in the sunshine:


Artist Kent Paulette says, “I painted this in my home studio which overlooks the mountains. I went down to the creek early in the morning before I started this painting, waded through, and stuck my face in the cold water. I collected a bucket of creek water and came back to my studio with mud between my toes and feeling very connected to nature. Then I mixed that creek water in with paint and I stained the canvas with my Creek Washes.”

“Looking back I’m realizing that my phases of painting for the last 20 years have gone Air, then Earth, then Fire, then Water, then Air again as the cycle begins again. After a year of Wild Fire, I decided to consciously move towards Water and Air with this new mountain painting.”

“Fire is a wild, passionate, and violent style of painting. Post-punk music brings my Fire style of painting out of me.”

“Water is flowing and zen Creek Washes. I listen to the music of Dead Can Dance when I paint in that style.”

“Air is about thoughts, ideas, and creativity which expresses itself in my whimsical geometric shapes. I listen to Coldcut’s DJ mixes of random strange music of all types which gets me dancing when I paint in that style.”

“Earth is physical and I must be vulnerable to paint in that style. I smear the wet paint with my fingertips over the rough texture below. Fela’s Afrobeat music brings it out me.” — Kent Paulette

Comments about this colorful abstract mountain art posted on social media:
Shirley Roe wrote, “Breathtaking, so beautiful!!! I love it.”

Megan Miller wrote, “I love all the movement in your work and incorporation of shapes.”

Aimee Stalnaker-Smith wrote, “The colors and the detail are fantastic.”

Angela Welch wrote, “Stunning!!”

Tisha Cox wrote, “It’s gorgeous! Your paintings always fascinate me!”

Pj Sharpe wrote, “Such magical and majestic mountains you have.”

Linda Gomez wrote, “I appreciate how you zoom into the detail and focus on each section at a time. And how you get your paintings into the sun for their true colors.”

Tara Allman wrote, “Love it! Another masterpiece for sure!”


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