Conquest of the Irrational – Great Egret painting

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Conquest of the Irrational is a contemporary painting of a great egret in flight by wildlife artist Kent Paulette. The large egret is white and it is taking off over water. There are splashes in the blue water and the background is dark colors with pops of yellow and orange. This modern art has elements of Cubism and Action Painting mixed with K. Paulette’s own unique style.

This great egret painting is loved by his collectors who buy art and it features his Windows brushstrokes. The white flying bird is also called a common egret or great white heron. They can be found in Florida as well as North Carolina.  Paulette saw one on the lake where he lives in the NC High Country. Some people think it’s a crane because of its white feathers.

Conquest of the Irrational is a contemporary wildlife painting that is for sale and has a stained glass style. The movement of the great egret taking off from the water is very dramatic. There are geometric shapes in the water which Boone, NC artist Kent Paulette created using angular lines. This abstract art of animals in the wild is colorful and creative.

Bird artist K. Paulette describes his process for this painting, “As I was working on this I started to like what was happening with the layers on the bottom right and left corners so I ended out trying to get that same feel on the rest of the artwork.”

This was the first original painting that he created at his home studio in March 2015 after years of painting at Studio 140 in Banner Elk.

Wildlife artist Kent Paulette describes the title of this great egret art, “So much irrationality in this one. I’d paint a part that I loved and then I’d paint over most of it for no reason. Just kept doing that over and over again until all those layers started to come to life! I was listening to the Ninja Tune Solid Steel radio show as I was creating this bird painting. Conquest of the Irrational by DJ Vadim played in the mix and I shot a video of the unfinished painting in my studio. I later found out that Conquest of the Irrational is also a book by Salvador Dali.

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2 reviews for Conquest of the Irrational – Great Egret painting

  1. Susan Corey

    My favorite, Kent. You captured this magnificent bird in all its glory! I also love the Fox in the snow.

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Susan! I love painting bird art.

  2. Marie Pendola

    I love the irrational-Egret painting

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Marie! Birds in flight are so much fun to paint… especially the great egret!

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