Crossing the River – abstract horse painting on canvas

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Here, a herd of horses gallop powerfully across a pale blue river. The painting evokes a sense of might and invincibility as the horses stampede their way through any obstacle standing between them and their destination. They lean slightly to the left side of the canvas, and their lean shows their speed and direction. The foremost horse stands out amongst his comrades. He is a stallion of orange, brown, pink, and pale yellow. He thunders forward with his dark black comrades following behind. The multitude of horses shows a great level of depth to this painting, and the splashes of white and blue at the bottom of the canvas give life to the water beneath the horses’ feet.

The title of this abstract horse painting is Crossing the River.

1 review for Crossing the River – abstract horse painting on canvas

  1. JFoster

    Just returned from Banner Elk and had the opportunity to see the amazing Kent Paulette’s work up close! We love so many- but Crossing the River and several other horse paintings too us on a journey with the horses! Kent your amazing and thank you for making ART an experience to be enjoyed!

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you JFoster! I’m glad you got to see my original ‘Crossing the River’ painting of horses running through water before it heads to its new home in Florida. I hope to see you next time you come to Banner Elk.

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