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Elephants is an abstract wildlife painting of an African Elephant with tusks and a cute baby elephant for sale by Kent Paulette.  Whimsical geometric shapes make up the purple blue sky and yellow grass.  The adult male elephant and calf are dark neutral grey colors and their trunks are visible.  Buy this original nature art in small & large sizes on canvas.

K. Paulette painted this colorful elephant art in November 2015 for a customer and the customer’s baby son.  Paulette’s elephant paintings are often hung in nurseries because they are calming, peaceful, and serene.  At the same time, the dynamic brushstrokes give a feeling of movement to this modern art of animals in the wild.

The background is in the style of Cubism with angular shapes and circles.  The Elephant with tusks and the baby elephant are more in the style of Expressionism.  Save the Elephants, World Elephant Day, and The Elephant Sanctuary are helping to protect this indigenous wildlife in Africa.

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  1. Tori

    Truly stunning!

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