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There was a time when elk freely roamed the Appalachian Mountains. Perhaps this elk was one of them. The color palette used in this painting is reminiscent of Native American traditional clothing. If this elk lived during the time of the Cherokee, he experienced a world before modernity—a time when humans were guided by the changes of the seasons and the patterns of nature. Here, the elk gazes to the left of the canvas. His beard is scruffy, and his shoulders are sturdy. He gazes into the distance, off the canvas, with a pensive eye. Perhaps he is pondering a changing world, or maybe he hears the footsteps of children playing in the forest. The luscious browns of his coat are accented with pops of yellow, blue, and red, and the abstract shapes and colors in his fur unify him with the shapes above and below him.

The title of this elk art is Elk Magic.


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