Elk painting abstract animal art – Polka Dot


The title of this animal art is Polka Dot Elk.  In this painting, a tall elk stands with its chest broadened and its head stretching toward the right side of the canvas.  Its mouth is slightly open, and its lips are slightly pursed.  Its lofty stance and posture convey a sense of power, and the viewer can almost hear its loud bellow rolling over the hills and through the valleys.  The elk, painted in a cool color scheme, contrasts dramatically with the background.  The oranges and yellows of the background give the feel of a hot summer or a colorful fall.  The bright blues covering the chest of the elk convey shadow, and jagged triangles painted in peach and white separate the shadowed chest from the elk’s back—alight with warmer tones which reflect the pervading heat of the background.

Video of this Elk painting:


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