Elk with Antlers – original acrylic art


Painting of an elk with antlers.  Kent Paulette created this original elk art with acrylic paint on canvas using a palette knife and brush.  It has thick texture and some abstract shapes.  The male elk has expressive eyes and large antlers.

Artist K. Paulette describes his process, “I went to the creek early in the morning, waded through, stuck my face in, collected a bucket of creek water flowing over an orange rock, then brought that back to my studio and added it to the paint as I was working on this male bull elk painting.

I used one brown and one blue along with white to mix all the colors in this elk painting. It was a pretty big change for me cause I usually use the 3 primary colors plus white. I almost never use brown and haven’t used this blue very much either…together I like them! When I mix colors, it feels like I’m riding the wave of how they interact and I just go with it. It took me a bit to get the hang of the change to 2 colors but after that, I was able to ride the wave all the way till the end of the painting.

I also mixed some matte medium with the paint and creek water on this elk with antlers fine art.  I painted it in March 2020.”

“I finished the painting, signed it, then scratched through the wet paint of the signature with my fingernails as a bow to the elk.” — K. Paulette

Comments about this elk painting posted on social media:
Joni Smith wrote, “Probably my favorite so far. Love the blue with all of the browns.”

Tommie Redfearn wrote, “So majestic!”

David Hoyle wrote, “We need this painting for the Hickory Elks Lodge. Would be a great place for you to display it.”
Kent Paulette responded, “David, I used to deliver papers to the Hickory Elks Lodge when I was in middle school. I’d go up to the bar to deliver the paper and talk with folks there for a while everyday. That’s actually how I got my first stock tips which helped pay for my trips to Amsterdam.”

Cynthia Hobson wrote, “Love these textures!”

Video of this elk painting in the sunshine


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