Elk painting


Elk painting for sale with large antlers.  Artist Kent Paulette says, “I painted this elk artwork in October 2019 outside my gallery in downtown Banner Elk.  I used a huge palette knife to paint that thick texture and then a brush for the layers on top of that texture.

There’s a little caterpillar on the edge of my painting in one of the photos above. It must have fallen on the painting from the tree above as I was working on the elk. I thought it was a chunk of paint when I first saw it and it gave me quite the surprise when I went to touch it. It helped me paint the elk but luckily it never got paint on its own body.  My Caterpillar Collaborator was crawling around on the painting helping me paint for 3 or 4 hours.  After we finished, I put the little caterpillar back in its tree.”

Comments about this elk painting posted on social media:
Susan Blackwell wrote, “So good, Kent! Looks like he is going to step off the canvas!”

Linda Graham wrote, “Love it! Great colors and so bold! I feel his power!”

Carolyn Lloyd wrote, “Realistically beautiful.”

Alexandria Warren wrote, “Always loved your work … this might be a fave”

Jerry Roldan wrote, “Great painting…..another day, another adventure”


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