For the Wild!

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In this painting, a young woman stares directly at the viewer. Apart from a crown of antlers, she is nude. Her hands, crossed at the wrists, clasp her chest, and to either side of her wrists are her exposed breasts. Although she stares straight ahead, only one searching eye is visible to the viewer. On the left side of the canvas, her right eye is concealed by her hair which seems thick and somewhat disordered under her crown of antlers. Her crown appears to sit heavily upon her head. Her expression looks desperate and innocent, as if the crown upon her head is a burden. And yet she also looks somewhat victorious, as if she has just suffered immense hardship but has become stronger and wiser as a result. Her hands, crossed at her chest, indicate a posture of modesty, and her eye searches outward for a resolution to her unique predicament. But her predicament is her own—a young woman initiated into the status of huntress, or warrior, or leader. She vows to play to role with as much strength and fervor as the possibly can.

1 review for For the Wild!

  1. Don Rudow (verified owner)

    I purchased this painting recently. It looks so good hanging in our house, and is a proud piece in our collection. I suspect this is one that guests will stand and gaze at once they first see it, drinking in the details all around it and then soaking up the piece as a whole, metaphorically speaking. It is a beautiful work of art and my wife and I are both thrilled to take care of it.

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Don! I’m so happy it has such a good home with you and your wife.

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