Forest Royalty – deer buck

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Here, a majestic buck walks cautiously out of the forest. He is on alert, and his head is held high as he scouts for threats. The jungle greens of the forest behind him make him pop out against his background, and the whites of his neck, nose, eyes, and ears make his face the focal point. Ribbons of color dance on him and around him. The lime green of the background, placed mostly around his face, further reinforces his face as the focal point. His left front leg bends at the knee. He is either walking forward or has been caught mid-walk by someone or something in his vicinity. In this moment, he could easily dart back into the depths of the forest never to be seen again.

The title of this painting of a deer buck is Forest Royalty.

1 review for Forest Royalty – deer buck

  1. John Bomar

    Excellent , feel and a fresh artistic approach
    with a touch of Picasso / cubist influence.
    We are fans and hope to continue to see more
    of Kent’s work each year.
    John Bomar

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you John! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed seeing my artwork.

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