Free Like the Wind


Free Like the Wind is a fine art painting of running horses for sale by Kent Paulette.  He painted this colorful modern art in the style of Cubism, Expressionism and his own creative style.  Paulette captured the movement of the wild horses that are galloping from left to right.  The color scheme of this equestrian art is mainly earth tones and neutral colors with pops of orange, teal, and yellow.

This original abstract animal painting is made up of colorful geometric shapes.  There is a lot of motion in these powerful galloping horses.  The dynamic brushstrokes give this expressive horse painting movement and a bold energy.

The horses’ manes are blowing in the wind as they run.  This painting of mustangs has vibrant colors that are bright and contrasting.  The angular lines and organic shapes of this wildlife painting give the colts and ponies a modern look.  Equestrian artist Kent Paulette painted this horse art in February 2015.  Buy this contemporary art in small & large sizes on canvas.

This abstract animal art is creative and people who go horseback riding love it.  They can feel the power of these animals in the wild that are running free.  Horses like this can be seen in nature, on a farm, or at horse racing events.

K. Paulette describes his process for this Free Like the Wind contemporary equestrian art, “That’s a light blue ‘Jellyfish’ brushstroke right there in the middle. There are also two of the new ‘Angelo’ brushstrokes which is when the owner of the gallery grabbed my shoulders and scared me right as I was applying a brush full of paint!”

Neall West saw this modern art and said, “Very visually interesting. Personally, I was focused on the apparent randomness of the brush strokes and didn’t even really see the horses at first glance. Your creativity amazes me again, Kent.”

Linda Seavey wrote about Free Like the Wind, “Very cubist. It holds together really well compositionally. Not easy to do. I like the interesting grid work on horse’s cheek, and in negative spaces around horses. Calligraphic line is nice, too.”

Doug James said of this modern painting, “Love the light and motion you’re capturing in your work now. Sparkling and inspirational.”


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