Great Smoky Mountains painting canvas abstract art contemporary landscape


Great Smoky Mountains painting on canvas for sale.  The Great Smoky Mountains are part of the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains.  The title of this painting is Where the Mountains Whisper to the Sky.

With the use of a cooler color palette offset by a streak of warmth running horizontally through the sky, this painting captures the beauty of an Appalachian sunset, and the dramatic shifts of color that are often displayed over the mountains in the evening.  These colors are also seen in the morning during sunrise. The yellow-influenced greens in the foreground fade to a cool green, then to blue and finally lavender in the farthest-off mountains—where land meets sky. For those who live in the mountains, this painting might evoke a sense of familiarity and serenity, but for those who don’t, a sense of yearning or wanderlust might arise as one gazes at this painting.

Video of this Great Smoky Mountains painting in the sunshine:


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