Horse art equine painting colorful – Wild Horsepower


Here, a majestic horse is seen gazing downward toward the lower left-hand corner of the canvas. The horse in this painting is comprised of yellows, oranges, reds, and browns— in dramatic contrast with its ultramarine blue mane. The mane seems to flare upward and backward, as if the horse is in motion—perhaps shaking its head or starting off on a gallop. Bits of blue are brought into the form of the horse where the lines of its face and jaw create cool shadows. Those blue shadows compliment the mane, but still, the mane remains the brightest and most saturated. The horse’s ears stand upright as if the horse is on alert. Its left eye (right of the canvas) gives it a timid or uncertain countenance. Perhaps this wild creature is being trained for riding. Even so, if the horse becomes more obedient and docile, some of that wildness will remain.  The title of this colorful painting is Wild Horsepower.

Video of this horse art:


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