The Approaching Thunder


Kent Paulette describes this artwork of a horse galloping forward, “I painted at the Avery County Wine and Beer Festival in June 2019. Foxy Moron was playing on the stage behind me and my art gallery is to my right. Angelo kept me cool throughout the day by spraying me with a water gun from above.  That plant there to my left was helping me paint was a collaboration.”

Comments about this galloping horse painting posted on social media:
Nancy Stroupe Morrison wrote, “Such movement! Love it!”

Jane McLeod Rawls wrote, “I can hear him coming‼️”

Kim Haigwood wrote, “I love all of your horse paintings, you’re an awesome artist.”

Janis Parsons Graziano wrote, “This is wow!”

Ali Szkutnik Jarratt wrote, “I love seeing pictures of you with your paintings/actively painting. Really puts the whole picture together.”


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