Horse painting running wild colorful


Colorful horse painting for sale.  The horse is blue and the background red, orange, and yellow like the colors of a sunset or sunrise. The horse is running forward on green grass.  The horse artwork contains geometric shapes that are somewhat similar to Cubism.

Artist Kent Paulette painted it in December 2019.  The title is Galloping Horsepower.  He painted the background using paint mixed with creek water from his backyard.

Comments about this horse painting posted on social media:
Paige Hunt wrote, “You have an unique vision of horses in motion. Very difficult to capture, but you manage to do such a great job.”

David Shuford wrote, “Beautiful color and energy!”

Linda Graham wrote, “Great colors and motion!”

Ann Mcnulty wrote, “My favorite, so far.”

Nikki Barnes wrote, “Reminds me of “Big Lex”! Someone in the Bluegrass State in Lexington would LOVE this. Amazing as always!  There are different pieces of art all over Lexington with different renditions of Big Lex. It’s fun looking for them all over the city.”

Comment from VisitLEX:
“Wow! What an amazing painting – we absolutely love it!”
Arin Arnold-Davis — Administrative Coordinator at VisitLEX

Video of this colorful horse art in the sunshine:



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