Horses painting canvas art abstract – Spirit Tribe

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In this painting, five horses are seen racing toward the viewer. The front three horses kick dust as they gallop, leaving the two horses in the back partially shrouded in a plume of dust and debris. To give this effect, off-white paint fades into the brown breast of one of the back-most horses, and neither horse in the back has any visible leg or hoof. This helps to dramatize the painting. The front horses are clear, they are close, and they are fast. The left-most and right-most horses lean into their gallop, and the middle-most horse runs straight on. Cool lavender tones in the background are repeated in the forms of the horses which gives the feel of winter or early morning. The horses are not galloping in the heat of day, but perhaps in the evening, just before dusk, or on a cloudy late-autumn day.

The title of this painting of horses is Spirit Tribe.


3 reviews for Horses painting canvas art abstract – Spirit Tribe

  1. Julie Schnier

    Kent is such a talent! You can feel the energy/ emotion in these horses! Very powerful… it really gives our room a wow factor!

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Julie! I love how my original “Spirit Tribe” painting looks hanging in your home.
      painting of horses in home 1

      painting of horses in home 2

  2. Bobby

    Five star painting very powerful gourogous colors excellent as always with the true life presents in the magnificent horses

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Bobby! I love painting horses running together in a group.

  3. Lisa Pope

    Kent’s art is truly unique. Colors and textures mixed with creek water bring every piece to life with individuality. Talent unsurpassed by none.

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Lisa! I think I’ll go collect some Magic Creek Water this morning to add to my next painting.

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