Janis Joplin painting


One of the greatest performers to emerge in the Woodstock era, Janis Joplin dazzled her audiences with her vocals. Raw and uninhibited, and her music spoke for itself. In this painting, Joplin is seen with her head slightly tilted back, unkempt hair falling around her face, and a big smile upon her lips. She seems to have not a care in the world. The colors of this painting mimic those of the era—bright, wild, fun, psychedelic. Her face consists primarily of peaches and yellows with pops of green throughout. Around her, the abstracted linework of her hair is mottled with shapes and forms that could keep the viewer gazing at this painting for hours.

Janis Joplin painting is a pop art portrait on canvas by artist Kent Paulette.  This original abstract art of the musician Janis Joplin is colorful.  She is smiling and wearing glasses.


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