Landscape painting art canvas colorful mountains – Poetry in the Breeze


The title of this landscape painting art on canvas of colorful mountains is Poetry in the Breeze. Here, three lofty pines seated amidst bright yellow-green brush are seen in the right lower quadrant of the canvas. Above and to the left, are the variety of blues that make up the Blue Ridge Mountains. Toward the top of the canvas, the blues give way to purple where the mountains meet the red and orange sky at sunset. The contrast between the yellow-green foreground and the deep turquoise of the closest mountains, as well as the sapphire blue background mountains against the red-orange sunset, make for a striking painting from top to bottom. One is reminded of the bald mountaintops of Greyson Highlands where a few stray pine trees create dark triangular silhouettes behind the glowing sunsets. Or perhaps those beautiful sections of the Appalachian Trail where dense forests open up to grassy balds and views that stretch for miles.

Video of this Landscape painting art:



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