Moose painting art – antlers wildlife


In this painting, a large moose gazes toward the left side of the canvas.  Although most of its body is out of frame, it is still obvious that the animal is quite burly.  Its muscular shoulders are painted in hues of red, orange, yellow, and brown, and thick textured paint mimics the thickness of the creature’s tough hide.  Its large antlers expand from its head like tree limbs reaching toward the sky.  The undersides of the antlers are a dark brown, while the tops are a lighter tan.  Perhaps the cool grey sky is being reflected on the tops of the antlers, or perhaps the cold winter air has caused the antlers to become white with frost. Muted tones of orange, blue, and white comprise the background and remind the viewer of a chilly autumn morning.  The moose has a hint of uncertainty, but also a hint of strength, in its eyes.  Will it make it through the winter ahead? It is ready to face the challenges to come.

Video of this Moose painting:


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