Art animals bear cubs painting – Climbing Lessons


The title of this painting of bear cubs is Climbing Lessons.  Oh, to be once again in Mom’s loving gaze!  Here, two sweet bear cubs try their best to impress Mom as they take their first ascent up a sturdy tree trunk.  Mom, always concerned, is as close as possible in the case that baby cub loses her footing.  The mother bear’s eyes look almost pleading, as if to say, “don’t’ climb too high!” The highest cub gazes down, searching for mom’s approval, while the lower cub has a steady gaze upward.  The colors of the painting are super-saturated with bright ultramarine blues comprising the forms of the bears, and rich warm cadmium hues comprising the background.  The bears are painted with loose, but thoughtful, brushstrokes which zigzag this way and that.  The background, which fades from bright yellow at the top, to deep red at the bottom, is painted in thin layers of color—one dripping organically into the next.


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