Shades of Marilyn


Shades of Marilyn Monroe portrait Pop Art is an original painting for sale of the 50’s pop culture icon.  The Abstract Expressionism celebrity portrait is colorful and also has neutral colors.  Buy this modern art in small & large sizes on canvas.  Marilyn Monroe, aka Norma Jeane Baker, looks sad but she’s showing a beautiful honesty.

The style of this Marilyn Monroe art is Abstract Expressionism mixed with Paulette’s own creative organic style. The dynamic brushstrokes give this expressive Marilyn Monroe portrait movement and a bold energy.  The vibrant colors also bring this contemporary painting to life.

Paulette did this Marilyn Monroe painting of the actress from classical Hollywood cinema in August 2013.

Kent Paulette describes his process for this Marilyn art, “I’m not sure what I was thinking…. I guess about lights and darks, and layers of colors, and Marilyn, and Jordan, and the night sky, and little Angelo telling me to change an eye, and that woman who heckled me for two hours during the painting, and the way this painting started as sexy, changed to strange, and ended beautiful, and about opaque vs transparent, and palette knife vs brush, and the way her whole face changed when I made that one little mark in the right corner of her mouth, and the way people were perceiving me differently as Marilyn’s expression constantly changed, and the way she changed… a hundred times, and the way she changed… a thousand times with every brushstroke, and red, and blue, and green, and the way I meant for this painting to be neutral colors, and the way it’s the opposite of that, and the way it is kinda neutral because of how the colors combine, and her lips, and how I tend to ignore ears, and the flow of her hair, and being prepared at any moment for Allyson to come up from behind me and scare me to death, and then I put the last mark on her face, and then I stepped back to look at her and she about made me cry, and that’s how I knew that this painting was finished and I shouldn’t touch it again except for a bit of graffiti on the lower right hand corner, a little graffiti that lets me play in the creek instead of working all week in those tall buildings.”


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