Skiing painting ski art – At the Speed of Joy



Skiing painting ski art of winter sports in action by artist Kent Paulette.  The skier is going downhill at a fast speed like in the Olympics.  Snow is flying everywhere and the sky is blue in this ski painting.  The skier in motion is wearing blue pants, a red jacket, green boots, a helmet, and goggles.  The man or woman in this colorful skiing painting is having fun speeding down the mountain.  This modern art captures the movement and action of snow sports.  Kent Paulette painted this downhill skiing art with thick texture using a palette knife and brush in December 2020.  The title is At the Speed of Joy.

K. Paulette describes his process, “I collected a pan of snow/sleet the night before and mixed it into the paint to create my Snow Washes on this skier painting.”

Video of this Ski Art in the sunshine:


Comments about this Skiing painting posted on social media:
Clayton Jones wrote, “Those textures really make it pop!”

Landon Hall wrote, “Colors are awesome! Caught the action for sure!”

Lea Gabbard wrote, “Invigorating! Love it!”

Shawn McGehee Hodge wrote, “Amazing as always! I love the movement in this one.”

Chris Hutcheson wrote, “Beautiful!”

Lisa Marie Walter wrote, “Gorgeous detail.”


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