Snowboarding art canvas painting original – Snowburst



In this original painting, a snowboarder has been caught mid-action Defying gravity, hips twisted, knees bent, board belly-up, and right hand raised to counter his (or her) balance, the snowboarder seems to have nailed his trick. The form of the snowboarder causes a diagonal movement in the painting starting in the upper left and moving down to the green and red board in the lower right. The heavily textured background of rich sky-blue gives the feel of a clear day, but pops and smudges of white indicate either a light snow, or perhaps chunks of snow that have been kicked up by the power of the snowboard as the boarder propels himself from the ground into the sky. Gazing downward, the snowboarder appears focused and confident. If one could see the next three seconds of action, its likely that the snowboarder would land his trick, continue cruising down the slope, and glance with satisfaction at a group of onlookers clapping and cheering.

Video of this Snowboarding art on canvas painting:


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