Snowboarding winter sports in action



Snowboarding painting of extreme winter sports in action by artist Kent Paulette.  The title of this colorful original abstract art on canvas is Like an Eagle.  The snowboarder is performing a grab trick.  Some types of snowboarding tricks are  Mute Grab, Indy Grab, Melon Grab, and Stalefish.

Snowboarding is a sport at the Winter Olympic Games.  Shaun White is a famous snowboarder who has won many golds at the Olympics.  Chloe Kim won the gold medal in the women’s snowboard halfpipe.  She is also a gold medalist at the X Games which is an extreme sports event.

Artist K. Paulette describes his process on this snowboarding art,  “Early in the morning when I started this painting, I went down to the creek in my backyard, waded through, stuck my face in the freezing cold water, collected a bucket of creek water, came back to my studio with frozen feet and mud between my toes, and then added the creek water to the paint. I also collected snow and added it.”

“I painted this snowboarder in a style using lots of my colorful Creek Washes and Scratching Thoughts. I kept the pastels and Whispers to a minimum and focused on White Snow.  I painted this using just the 3 primary colors plus white in February 2020. The title of this painting of extreme winter sports in action was inspired by the song Fly Like an Eagle by Steve Miller Band.”

Comments about this Snowboarding painting posted on social media:
Beverly Ahlering Saltonstall wrote, “Really cool picture. Captures the essence of snow boarding.”

Joni Smith wrote, “Very unique. You use such vivid colors.”


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