Stevie Nicks painting


Stevie Nicks painting for sale. Pop Art portrait of the Fleetwood Mac musician and singer.  This original abstract painting of Stevie Nicks by artist Kent Paulette was inspired by her In Your Dreams film.  She is wearing a hat and there is a staircase in the background.

Nicks is seen here in the upper center portion of the painting wearing a top hat and gazing distantly off the right side of the canvas. Her torso is painted transparently to fully display the regal staircase in the background. A gold and yellow chandelier hangs against the right edge of the painting as the staircase curls from upper right to lower left. Her face appears both curious and timid, inquisitive and apprehensive. Her hair hangs over her shoulders in washes of gold and purple before meeting black lines and shapes at its ends. Viewers may get sensations of wonder and mystery when viewing this painting. The staircase, the chandelier, the top hap, her worried gaze, and the painting’s low chromas… it’s as if Nicks was caught in a real-life game of Clue.


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