Taylor Swift painting pop art portrait for sale



Taylor Swift is an original abstract painting for sale of the pop star by artist Kent Paulette.  This Pop Art celebrity portrait has colorful geometric shapes.  Buy this modern art in small & large sizes on canvas.  The beautiful Taylor Swift is happy, bright, and smiling with red lips.  She has blue eyes and yellow blonde hair.  The 21st century iconic figure is wearing a red dress and the background is teal blue.

The style of this Taylor Swift art has elements of Cubism, Expressionism, stained glass and celebrity portrait artist K. Paulette’s own unique organic style.  The dynamic brushstrokes give this expressive Taylor Swift portrait movement and a bold energy.  The vibrant colors further bring this modern art to life.  Some shapes are angular and some are curvy which give this creative fine art a lot of motion.

Taylor Swift is a celebrity icon, musician,  ten-time GRAMMY winner, and popular contemporary female recording artist who sings about her personal life.  Her record label is Big Machine Records.  Paulette did this creative painting in April 2015.  Before beginning this contemporary painting, North Carolina artist Kent Paulette watched a video of Taylor personally wrapping gifts for her fans.  This inspired him to paint the famous pop star.

Taylor is a pop icon and her albums include Red (with red tour), 1989, Speak Now, and Fearless.  Some of her most popular songs in the 2000’s are Shake it Off, Bad Blood, 22, Love Story, and Blank Space.  Her loyal fans are called Swifties.

K. Paulette describes his process for this celebrity portrait, “All those days of sledding this past winter and swimming in the ocean last summer are really starting to pay off. That’s my form of R&D and I’m actually heading off to the creek right now for a bit of research…”

Pop artist Kent Paulette put his body, heart, and soul into this modern Taylor Swift art,  “After painting this my nails are all broken and jagged from scratching into the wet paint to reveal the many layers below.”

He describes his goals for this Taylor Swift painting, “One of the goals I’ve had lately is to try to make my paintings more abstract and yet more realistic at the same time.”