The Antler Dimension – deer painting of wildlife in nature


The Antler Dimension is an original painting of a deer buck with antlers for sale by wildlife artist Kent Paulette.  The abstract geometric shapes he used gives the fine art a mystical feel.  It also feel very peaceful.  The white-tailed deer with large antlers is brown and other earth tones, the grass is yellow, and the sky is light blue.

The dynamic brushstrokes give this expressive deer painting movement and a bold energy.  Some shapes are angular and some are curvy which give this creative fine art of nature a lot of motion.

This wildlife art is in a Cubism and Expressionism style. Buy this original modern art of a male deer in small & large sizes on canvas.  People who go deer hunting might like this painting but so will animal lovers.  Paulette’s love of these animals shines through.

K. Paulette saw a group of white-tailed deer on his way to fetch the creek water that he mixed with the acrylic paint for this contemporary wildlife art in May 2016.  They are an indigenous wildlife in the mountains of North Carolina where he lives.

Boone, NC artist Kent Paulette says when discussing this gallery painting, “I’ll get stuck in a loop where I can’t get a certain part right, and I just keep changing it over and over again. In this painting, I found myself using one of my magical White Star brushstrokes to help me break out of that loop. It had the intended effect, but it also had the side effect of creating a certain type of balance in the painting which makes me feel like I’m entering a different dimension when I look at it, hence the title The Antler Dimension.”

Pam Morris says about The Antler Dimension, “Gorgeous. What strength in that animal!”

Benjamin Myers saw this original deer art and said, “Whimsical and regal!”

Mier M.’s reaction to this abstract painting of a deer buck with large antlers was, “I want one!!! This would be a great gift for my hubby!”


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