The Blue Ridge Symphony


The Blue Ridge Symphony is a mountain sunset painting by artist Kent Paulette.   This modern landscape fine art has a stained glass style as well as Cubism and Impressionism.   Kent Paulette lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains which are part of the Appalachian Mountains.  In this colorful nature artwork he used blue and purple for the mountains with green trees in the foreground.  The sky looks like a sunset or sunrise with pink, purple, and yellow colors.  The brushstrokes that K. Paulette used in this abstract painting are very dynamic which creates movement.  He used his geometric Building Blocks brush stroke to give this a vibrant and light feeling.  Paulette finished this painting in July 2014 by applying the thick texture using a palette knife.

On the same morning after posting The Blue Ridge Symphony online, Paulette just happened to come across these lines about the Tennessee mountains in the book he was reading called The Forest Unseen by David G. Haskell:
“A forest without large herbivores is an orchestra without violins. We have grown accustomed to incomplete symphonies, and we balk when the violins’ incessant tones return and push against the more familiar instruments. This backlash against the herbivores’ return has no good historical foundation. We many need to take the longer view, listen to the whole symphony, and celebrate the partnership between animal and microbe that has been tearing at saplings for millions of years. Good-bye shrubbery; hello ticks. Welcome back to the Pleistocene.”

Kent Paulette explained the reaction to his original landscape art The Blue Ridge Symphony in Boone, NC, “People see all kinds of things in this painting. Many see a city or the sea but one of the most common things I hear is the Wright Brothers’ airplanes. For one woman, the energy in the sky reminded her of growing up near the steel factories in Allentown. Then there was the person who described to me a whole shopping mall that they saw in the sky.”


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