The Elk Majestic

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The Elk Majestic is a painting of an elk bull with large antlers for sale by contemporary artist Kent Paulette.  The brown deer wapiti is standing on green grass with blue mountains in the background.  He painted the original elk art with thick texture using a palette knife.

The dynamic brushstrokes give this expressive elk painting movement and a bold energy.  Some shapes are angular and some are curvy which give this creative fine art of nature a lot of motion.  The contemporary wildlife art of elk with antlers is peaceful and powerful.  It also looks like a large deer buck with antlers.

This nature art of animals in the wild was painted in an Expressionism and Impasto style.  Buy this Modern Art of a male elk bull in small & large sizes on canvas.  People who go elk hunting might like this painting but so will animal lovers.  Paulette’s love of these animals shines through.

K. Paulette created this contemporary wildlife art in July 2016 using acrylic on stretched canvas.  The original Elk Majestic painting was hanging in downtown Banner Elk, NC before it sold.  The Elk is a member of the deer family, Cervidae, and is called a wapiti.  Some of the subspecies of Cervus canadensis are Roosevelt elk, Rocky Mountain elk, Tule, Manitoban, and Eastern elk.

Paulette explains his process for this original elk painting, “I started with transparent Creek Washes using a brush, then thick texture using the extra large palette knife, then opaque brushstrokes on top of that.”

1 review for The Elk Majestic

  1. Anna Shields

    I like the textures used for the background!

    • Kent Paulette

      Thank you Anna! I painted that thick texture using a huge palette knife.

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