The Wild Tribe – abstract animal paintings of horses



The Wild Tribe is a large original horse painting by artist Kent Paulette. This stampede of wild horses running contemporary painting has colorful geometric shapes.  There are mainly earth tones and neutral colors with pops of color such as orange, yellow, and blue in this equestrian art.

The seven brown, black, and white horses galloping in this wildlife art are abstract in a Cubism and Expressionism style.  The animals are running in a group and the painting captures that movement with the types of brushstrokes that Paulette used.  Buy this Modern Art of mustangs in small & large sizes on canvas.

The dynamic brushstrokes give this expressive horse painting movement and a bold energy.  The horses’ manes are blowing in the wind as they run.  The vibrant colors further bring this horse art to life.  Some shapes are angular and some are curvy which give this creative fine art of nature a lot of motion.

Equestrian Artist Kent Paulette created The Wild Tribe in August 2016 using acrylic paint, mediums, and creek water on stretched canvas.  The organic brushstrokes give this dramatic wildlife painting of colts and ponies a modern look.

This abstract animal art is creative and people who go horseback riding love it.  They can feel the power of these animals in the wild that are running free.  Horses like this can be seen in nature, on a farm, or at horse racing events.

Horse artist Kent Paulette describes his process for this animal painting, “On The Wild Tribe I was experimenting with how I layer the colors on each horse.  For instance, on the two far right horses of this stampede, I painted them dark and then lightened them with my Whispers brushstrokes.  On the middle horses, I started with light Creek Washes of color, then darkened them with Windows, and finally lightened them again with pastel Building Blocks.”

“On the top horse, I stopped after the first layers of Creek Washes and Spells, leaving irrational bits like the blue in its belly.  On the white horse, I started with Creek Washes and then finished with Whispers and Slaps.”

“The outcome is that each horse has its own characteristics such as Movement, Spirit, Hardship, Power, Hope, Work, and Mystery.  I also wanted to capture the group dynamics of the stampede, so I constantly switched between the different horses as I was painting.”


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